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Welcome to my online portfolio! These are some of my works from my past online jobs. I have worked with different clients from oDesk (now named as UpWork) and Elance for transcription, blog writing, and social media managing tasks.

For shop/restaurant features, product reviews, collaborations, work work work, or if you want your ad to be placed on my site, kindly contact me at mayu@spellyourhappiness.com so we can talk about some details. I am also open for sponsorship deals, giveaways, and what not. Thank you much! :)

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This required a list of 500 SEO and Internet Marketing companies from the Midwest area (Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana) compiled. The name of the company and email address should be put in an excel document.

The project needs extensive content about the elements of writing, and also interviews of self published authors and aspiring writers. The first topic is about poetry, which can be a review of your favorite poet or interview of a published poet, etc. The deadline for submission was on 02/16/2014, which was met. 

Writing 200-300 word articles for a blog.

Will try to figure out where the others are because most of them already closed down their sites. Feel free to check out from time to time!


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