Monday, July 16, 2018

Cafe Maria Jerica Once More!

You might remember me posting the same image on one of my posts two years ago. So eto na nga, we're here to find out if there's any improvement on their service and food overall.

Ayun na nga. Sa kakaisip namin ni jowa kung saan unli unli kami kakain last Saturday, dito kami dinala ng mga utak at paa namin. Di man kami makakain sa unli, at least dun na tayo sa presyong pang masa kahit yung orderin mo eh pangmasisiba.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How do you move on from a major heartbreak?

How do you move on from a major heartbreak? From the title you may think from getting the heartbreak from your boyfriend/girlfriend, or your crush - this is what most millennials think of. But when you become a parent, a heartbreak is when your little one gets hurt. It's when you can't give them what they want, what they deserve. It's when your little one goes first instead of you going first. It's continuing your life, getting aged, with your little one being forever little because he's already gone.

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