Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mesa Birthday Experience

My bestfriends and I decided to dine out differently last Saturday for my 27th birthday celebration. We're arguing while figuring out where to it, we roamed around SM Megamall for awhile, torn between eating spare ribs and something Filipino-ish. We're actually ready to enter Racks, but decided to go somewhere in the Atrium.

There we found Mesa Filipino Moderne. The ambiance was not too good to be honest - the dim lights were making me sleepy while waiting for the food to be served, to be honest. The emotional OPM serenading us made the place too cozy. The service was not too good, it always takes us 2-3 crew to get what we were requesting (that's ice, extra rice, the bill).

While checking the menu, this grilled platter immediately caught my attention but I was still waiting for my friends to choose what they want. Fortunately, we want the same piece. We ordered Sisig Rice and the Inihaw (grilled) Sampler.

There's actually nothing special about the Sisig Rice - I didn't even tasted the 'sisig' part of it. There was a little bit of meat and egg, yes. What we ordered was for 2-3 people, they must have added it was for the 'petite' ones. Ooooor given the benefit of the doubt, maybe me and my friends just have a really big appetite. But seriously, I don't think it would fit 2-3 peeps lol. We even decided to get 2 more extra cups of rice apart from what we ordered.

The Inihaw Sampler consists of grilled chicken leg quarter, squid, liempo, bangus (milkfish) belly, mussels, shrimps and pork BBQs. Good pictures on the menu really helps a lot - but there's really nothing extraordinary about the grilled pieces.

My rating:

Our total bill for three was P1,200 - that includes the Sisig Rice, Inihaw Sampler, two extra cups of rice, and three bottomless drinks. I would still go to other restos for choice of Filipino dish and put Mesa as my last choice for the meantime.

Visit their official website Mesa.ph and check out what's available.

But lol please don't take this review too seriously, check out their food yourselves! Or maybe you have your own Mesa experience - share it in the comments section below! ;)


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