Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Foodporn, Baybeh!

Photo borrowed here.
Okay, so it's been awhile since I posted my last foodporn post. I always eat outdoors with friends after our shift but when food is in front of you and you have a lot of chatty friends, you can't even get a snap of the sumptuous dishes because all you want to do is eat after a tiring day. So here's some of the snapshots I got for the past few months. Bon appetite!

So it was actually my first time to eat Bulalo (beef shank soup) at Tagaytay, 
so after our college friend's wedding at Villa Ibarra, we went straight ahead to 
Leslie's which is just almost 100 meters away.
We tried this special bulalo for Php 625 and hmmm - almost worth it.
Will post my review from Zomato for this very soon! 
For now, check out their menu here.

I spent three-days off last week and that's a total of five days doing nothing but 
eating and cuddling with ze cranio kid. So I'm always bugging my little sister to
cook my favorites and here's what she have for me! 
Macaroni spaghetti yihaaaaaaaa! Happy kid!

One of the cheapest yet most delicious specie ever!
But please, don't forget to eat rice (hmm, 2-3 tablespoons?) before eating this
or else - say hello to stomachache.

This creature has been a part of our childhood eversince.
Hello, 80-90s babies, can you relate?

One of my father's specialties - laing!

My appetite can be pleased easily. I'm happy with this type of streetfood - 
chicken intestines! For Php 5 each, I'm solved for merienda!

Inihaw (grilled) platter from Mesa Filipino Moderne for Php 795.
Check out my review here and their menu here.

My first time to try Korean Bingsu! Thanks to my bestfriends who are eaten by the Korean
culture lol. Hahahahaha! Check out my review about SaLang Restaurant here.

Pork siomai from Henlin!

My favorite combo from Sbarro: Baked Ziti + Extreme Super Supreme! *hart hart*
The Baked Ziti's actually paired with three garlic breadsticks and a medium sized iced tea
(too bad they don't have sodas) for Php 189 and the pizza slice for Php 120.
View their menu here!

Boodle fight with my girls! Visit Nova Food Park's Facebook page and see their
wide variety of choices when it comes to food food food!

I'll try to keep up with my weekly foodporn posts - but please bear with me as I don't have that much extra time blogging anymore (I only do this if I'm on leave from work).

See y'all on my next! ^_^


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