Sunday, January 31, 2016

#GrandBabyFair Year 6 : Ze Warrior Mom's Experience

Shopping for ze cranio kid has always been one of the things that I'm very fond of doing. Once I enter the mall, or even a store, the first part that my feet set upon on is the kids section. I love to shop for his shoes, clothes, anything that will make him so pogi - the very reason why I got so very excited when I was given a chance to cover this year's Grand Baby Fair. And really, I never was disappointed on how the event turned out, it was really great.

There are few things that I have in mind to buy once I get in to the fair:
  • Stroller that can carry up to 30kgs at least
  • Few clothes
  • Shoes maybe?
  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes

By the time that I arrived at the Megatrade Hall, super jampacked na talaga ang place. Pushcarts, strollers, baby bumps, and lots and lots of kids everywhere! Yet it did not make the fun stop. With all those choices plus the discounts, nothing makes shopping any more fun than the fair did it. 

I was so overwhelmed to see Pitter Pat when I entered the hall, but got sad thereafter because they only sell 'baby' sizes. I always check Pitter Pat shoes at SM malls everytime to check for new designs. Ze cranio kid used his first for almost two years and haven't got any damage on the shoes until now. That's how beautiful and matibay their shoes are. I love them, personally.

Off to my main goal that day - to get ze cranio kid's stroller since his latest one can only carry him up to when he reaches 15 kilograms - which he is right now. So I need to get one that can carry as much as 30-kilogram weight at most, since I'm not quite sure until when he'll need it and one thing that I'm sure of is he can't get too tired when we're outside so he really needs it. I found this first stall, I think they were directly from Baby Company, and I was so tempted to get this Spongebob stroller that can bring 30-kilogram guys according to the manager. But yeah, nagpigil na lang ako ng konting konti kahit super tempted na kong bilhin sya and tried to roam around first.

I finally was able to find the Drypers stall - thought I'd only find Pampers and Huggies there. It was not that much of a discount here, but hooray from some free pieces of it!

I was also surprised to find Goldilocks cakes at the fair. Adorable cake designs for christening, birthdays, and other event cakes are so tempting! I always depend Goldilocks cakes kapag may events or even simple cake cravings because admit it - their cakes tastes so perfect. Especially the chocolate one!

While shopping, you would also get to hear speakers to tackle different topics and showcase some products on the fair. Mommies and daddies can get to know better on pregnancies and how to take care of the kids.

This talk was so amazing that I get to know and learn more about mommies and breastfeeding. It really amazes me how God created us mothers' bodies. Imagine a grandmother producing milk 'again' when her granddaughter breastfed on her because mommy's away? Galing 'no? It seems that our bodies know that someone needs milk, and immediately produces something for them. No matter what your age is, you still get to produce milk because that's how our body is made.

I always wish that I can bring back time to when ze cranio kid was still little. I wish I had breastfed him all the way, though I did until he was 9-10 months old, but it was alternated with formula milk because I was also working by that time. He was purely breastfed up until two months old only. The talk also taught and reminded moms to breastfeed exclusively until six months old - the time that you can introduce other kinds of food to our babies.

At 'yan na nga ang blockbuster lines! Though everything was cool and organized with the help of the fair's staff that kept the lines and the peeps guided to where the line was. Parang every 5-10 meters yata eh may staff who guided the line and pointed us where to go to. The line was indeed a maze but they made it very organized.

After four hours of covering the event and shopping at the same time, I can't help but to sit on the floor sa sobrang exhausted ko. But it was really a cool event though because I was able to learn and shop with discount at the same time!

These are some of my grabs:
  • Drypers XXL with free three diapers (20% discount)
  • Blue basket (P100)
  • Blankets (buy 1 take 1 for P150)
  • Baby wipes (buy 2 take 1 for P75)
  • Feeding bottles (P100)
  • Milk container (P100)
  • Baby stroller not in the photo (P2,300 which was very sulit from the original price of P3.600)
I had so much fun going to this fair. Very looking forward to next year's event! 


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  1. Mommy QueenElizabethFebruary 8, 2016 at 8:37 PM

    Great finds as always at the baby company! Those cakes were gorgeous! :)

  2. If I could spell your happiness that moment, perhaps it's shopping for your little ze. Carrying a box of stroller is no joke. I bet the little boy is enjoying his stroller now

  3. Nice Mayu! I have also wanted to get a new stroller for Calel. :)

  4. Wow! That's a lot of people.I like bargains but I don't like long lines so much haha.It's great you found some things for your baby!

  5. I'm glad at nakabili ka ng stroller! :)

  6. Wow! Great finds! Sayang di ako naka-drop by (mega sale din pala ang diapers and wipes)

  7. Wow! The fair is nice for moms like us because we get discounts for things we buy for our children.

  8. Too bad I wasn't able to go because of work, hopefully next year!

  9. May De Jesus-PalacpacFebruary 10, 2016 at 8:48 AM

    I'veheard about how crammed the place was during this event. I had a friend who went. But she said madami daw kasi sila nabili the last time she was there.

  10. Ang saya saya to go to baby fairs! The lines to pay lang are so scary lagi hehe but it's a good thing there were staffs to guide the shoppers. :)

  11. So much people lining up! Megamall was a bit far from where I live so I couldn't attend, but seems like you'd get the best of discounts! It pays to wait for a fair like this! Thanks for sharing, Mayu!

    Iris @ Earth Love Skin

  12. Wow so many steal! You really have to be there early to avoid the rush. Looks tiring but if you really found good deals, its definitely worth it!

    Mhaan |

  13. Naku, kahit super early grabe pa rin ang lines! Di mo naman magagawang bilisan ang pagshop because ang dami talagang choices.

  14. Welcome, Iris! Hope you find time to drop by next year! Worth it!

  15. It was my first time so I don't have anything to compare to. Hehe! But yeah, daming tao talaga kasi.

  16. Yes, mommy, indeed super daming savings!

  17. Sayang naman.. Yes, almost all brands were there.

  18. Yihee! Oo, yun naman talaga ang goal. :)

  19. Such a great deal that you had! Sayang I missed this.

  20. You should try to visit next year! :)

  21. OMG! This is mommy heaven talaga. Haha. So many awesome products, glad you had great finds though.


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