Sunday, June 29, 2014

REPOST : Dear Parent of a Sick Child (letter #3)

Part three. And I still cried for the same reason over and over. I will get through with this. For now, just read on and be inspired. :)

Dear Parent of a Sick Child,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  It has been too long since you laughed with authenticity, thoroughly enjoyed a lunch date without that cloud of despair hanging over you, or even, been able to swallow your meal without effort?  People are telling you that it will be okay, but somewhere in that place of despair, you are wondering if things will be okay.  You know now, Parent of a Sick Child, that things will never be the same.

Transformers at 4Dx: Movie Watching Redefined

Watching movies has been one of my stress relievers eversince the world began (why do I think this is a part of a song? Weird). When I was a kid, and that was like xx years ago, 2D movies would cost around a hundred to P150 - depending on the date when you will watch. But nowadays, I believe the cheapest would be for P180, and that's for only a 2D movie.

Thanks to Nuffnang, I was able to experience a 4D movie getaway - ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Motherhood: Multitasking at Its Finest

A customer service associate. A freelance writer. A blogger. An online seller. A mother.

This is my life. Twenty four hours would not be enough to do all the things that I need and want to do in a day. If I can ask God for an additional 3-6 hours more, that would be great. Having a full-time work and being a full-time mom makes it harder yet more fun at the same time.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Passer de wordpress à blogger: Bienvenue!

Oops! Sorry! This is not a French site. It's just that I dream of learning how to speak French language. For me, if you know how to speak French, you seemed too sophisticated, you look rich. Haha!

Anyway, the title just says 'Switching from WordPress to Blogger: Welcome!' :)

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