Monday, February 24, 2014

Carlisle For Another Surgery?

Well, yes, you’ve read it right. That’s what his doctors want to do with him.

On my last post, UPDATE: What Happened To Today’s Check-Up, we were referred to a pedia-oncologist by his pedia-neurologist for further testing. When we got there, she just conducted a simple interview about Carlisle’s medical history. She even said chemotherapy would not be an option for Carlisle since the tumor is designed to not respond to it. She also said that radiation therapy is advisable to at most three year old children. She said they need to talk about it with her fellow oncologists in a conference whether they will allow us to go with radiation on March (which is his 24th month) or wait until he’s three.

Monday, February 3, 2014

UPDATE: What Happened To Today’s Check-Up

Hello everyone. Just giving you an update on how’s everything going on with Carlisle’s health and what his doctors say about him. So we had a whole day of follow-up checks again for today (actually for every second Monday) to his pediatrician, ophthalmologist, neurosurgeons, and pedia-oncologist.

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